Reptile Boarding


turtle in reptile boarding

Prices per day

Reptile Boarding $11.00

Separate reptile boarding rooms

For the comfort of your reptile pet, we have a separate rabbit and exotic room for our reptile boarding guests.

To avoid abrupt changes to diet, we ask you to bring your reptiles’ usual food to be fed to them while they are staying with us.  Also, when feasible, we recommend that your reptiles’ enclosure is brought in to keep their living environment as consistent as possible.

lizard boarded at creve coeur animal hospital

Kennel Health and Safety

For the health and safety of our guests, we require that each boarded reptile be examined by a Creve Coeur Animal Hospital veterinarian at least once and is current on his or her annual wellness examination. These measures ensure that your pets are staying in a healthy and safe environment.