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Cat Boarding

cat boarding near an animal hospital

Prices per day:

Cat Condo $16.00
Additional Condo $8.00

Cat boardingĀ multi-level condos


cat boarding near me

Accommodations for cat boarding include modern, beautiful, and comfortable multi-level condos. The resting shelves allow cats to change their perspective throughout the day, increasing their enjoyment and interest. Cat owners can elect to have portals between the condos opened, connecting up to three condos and allowing for a true luxury living.

The TLC Program

Cats participating in TLC watch a special video during the day, play with various kitty toys, and interact 1-on-1 with staff. Additional – $3.00/day.

Top notch, compassionate vets and clean facility. I began taking my rescue bunny here, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the care I received from Dr. Kronk. I spent quite some time on the phone with Dr. Moritz. He called several times to check up on my bun and helped him get well again. I truly appreciate his patience and concern. This office won’t rip you off or charge for things not needed. Love them!
Marissa M