The Glaeser Gazette

The past year has been quite eventful for the Glaeser family. Our daughter, Katie, and her husband, Kevin, had their first child, Caroline June on November 13th. She weighed 8 lbs., 7 oz. and has continued to grow at a record pace and now is over 21 lbs.

Our son Mike, and his wife, Emily, followed shortly thereafter with their second child in June. Anne Elizabeth was born on June 8th and weighed 8 lbs., 3oz.

Sherry has been accepted into nursing school at St. Louis Community College – Meramec and will be enrolled for the fall semester. She has just finished her last few undergraduate courses, Microbiology and English Composition II in the spring.

Emily and Abbey are still attending high school and are beginning their college search. On spring break, we recently visited Texas A&M University, where Steve attended during his undergraduate years. A lot has changed on campus as there are many new buildings and thousands of new students. The kids thought that some of the traditions at A&M were strange, especially when it came to the football games. The students stand for the entire game and Aggies have “Yell Leaders” instead of cheerleaders. Yell Leaders lead by giving hand signals to synchronize the students and former students in cheers that have been memorized. They probably will not wind up going to school at A&M, but went along with the tour none-the-less.

After our vacation last summer, we adopted a stray terrier-mix who had been hit by a car and had no owner. His injuries healed well and he was officially given the name Harry because the kids thought that his previous name, “HBC-Hit By Car” was not appropriate. He has become a welcome addition especially for our other dog, Ella. His only negatives are that he chews, (as in carpet), and terrorizes all of the wildlife when out in the yard.

We hope that this summer finds you and all your family members well. We look forward to serving all of your pet’s healthcare needs during the coming year.