Wellness Plans Keep Budgets Intact

Creve Coeur Animal Hospital was founded on the premise that our clients, partnered with our veterinarians, should determine what is best for their pet companions. We realize that everyone wants the best healthcare affordable for their pets. We believe that preventative healthcare will improve and add quality years to your best friend’s life. After considering our client’s and patient’s needs, we have created individualized Wellness Healthcare Plans covering the age-appropriate preventative care for your pet.

Plans for puppies and kittens include all the necessary core vaccinations, routine dewormings, two fecal exams, and preventative products with each included visit. Kittens also have a Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency test included in the package. There is also an option to include an additional year of preventative in the amount financed.

Adult plans for dogs and cats are age- appropriate and include necessary core vaccinations as determined by exposure risk factors, a fecal exam, a heartworm test for dogs, and a year’s supply of heartworm and flea preventatives. A preventative combination that includes a spectrum including ticks is also available for dogs at no additional charge. Pets that are greater than 4 years old are offered a plan including wellness bloodwork to give a greater assessment of their overall health.

Our dedication to these priorities has led us to offer monthly payment plans to cover these expenses. Our goal is not to include unnecessary extras to inflate the apparent worth of these plans, but rather to conveniently spread the costs of necessary care over a 12 month period to increase its affordability. These plans are not insurance, but we believe that preventative healthcare will decrease the risks of catastrophic expenses throughout your pet’s life. Medical and surgical care, prescription and non-prescription products not covered under this plan are discounted, in order to increase their affordability. To this end, we have partnered with Payment Banc to offer monthly payment plans directly drafted from your checking or savings account.

For more information, view additional information regarding plan choices or by contacting any member of the CCAH staff.

Great staff who are always pleasant. Our dogs enjoy their stay when boarding at the clinic.
Ron Tremayne