Overnight Nursing Care

One of the long-standing issues facing many veterinary hospitals has been the challenge of caring for patients and boarding pets after the veterinary facility closes for the day. Surgical, as well as hospitalized patients are either sent home early for monitoring at home, or transferred to an emergency clinic – neither situation being ideal. We at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital have challenged ourselves to improve and have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our patients by implementing overnight nursing care. By providing this service 365 days a year, we are able to care for our post-surgery and hospitalized patients, along with our boarders, more effectively. Not only are our patients being monitored closely, but treatments can be performed during the 12 hour period when most veterinary facilities are closed and not staffed. In addition, our doctors are in communication with the overnight staff and have access to our computer database which includes records, lab reports, and even radiographs. Changes to your pet’s treatment plan can be made during that critical overnight period based on changes in status or information received from additional diagnostic procedures.
This service is not a substitute for emergency services or even critical care offered at the 24-hour referral centers, but provides trained nursing care after hours. While our doctors will be available to the overnight staff on an on-call basis, they will not be seeing new patients after hours.