Kemp’s Korner

Mike and I are looking forward to summer and warmer temperatures. We are also excited to announce a new addition to our family with the arrival of our first child, Anna Elizabeth on May12th! I was blessed with an uneventful pregnancy and felt as well as possible throughout. Mike and I waited to find out if we were having a boy or girl and were surprised at the hospital.

We are lucky to have family close by (my sister lives in St. Louis, my parents live close to Washington, Missouri and Mike’s family lives in Columbia, Missouri). Annie was the first grandchild to be born and as you can imagine, our families are VERY excited. We are also very excited (and nervous, as most parents are). Initially I thought I would feel more confident in my abilities if I was taking care of a newborn puppy or kitten, but after a steep learning curve things are going quite smoothly.

We are also realizing that the house we live in is very small. Perhaps an upgrade is in our future. To make space for our new addition, we had to sort through the many piles of paper, books, and architectural models that were residing in our spare bedroom, now the baby’s room. Our basement is now full to the brim.

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Love them! I have been taking my Shiba Inu there and my Ball Python since they were tiny(about 10yrs). Staff is always friendly and the wait is never too long. Worth the drive even when I lived in St. Peters.
Tony DiMercurio