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Ferret and Small Mammal Boarding

Prices per day

Ferret/Large Rodent Boarding $13.00
Small Rodent Boarding $10.00

For the comfort of your ferret, we have a separate rabbit and exotic room for our ferret boarding and rodent guests.

To avoid abrupt changes to diet, we ask you to bring your pets’ usual food to be fed to them while they are staying with us.

Additionally, any familiar cage fixtures can also be brought to make your pets’ stay more comfortable.

Kennel Health and Safety

For the health and safety of our guests, we require that each boarding pet is current on his or her annual wellness examination and has been examined by a CCAH veterinarian at least once.  Ferrets must be current on their Distemper vaccination.  These measures are in place to ensure that your pets are staying in a safe and healthy environment.