Dental X-rays Help to Provide a Brighter Smile for Your Pet

The leading cause for pets to feel and act “old” is undiagnosed and untreated dental disease. Reports indicate 28% of dogs and 42% of cats with normal appearing mouths will have abnormalities found on dental x-rays. Furthermore, even though dental disease is painful, pets rarely show severe symptoms and they generally continue to eat. It is natural for pet owners to wonder why this is so. Animals continue to eat because they do not have an option. Another startling fact is that only 3% of abscessed teeth in pets swell and drain. As a result, many badly infected teeth remain untreated, potentially for years. For these reasons and many others, we have added digital dental x-rays to our dental service.

Pet owners will have the option of electing dental x-rays of their pet’s mouth at the time of their professional dental cleaning. If a diseased tooth is identified with x-rays, proper treatment can then be performed to relieve your pet’s discomfort and restore oral health. Happily, pet owners usually notice improvement in their pet’s attitude and behavior once the source of undiagnosed pain has been removed. We will commonly hear comments like: “He is acting like a puppy again!” Please call us if you would like additional information about dental x-rays and our dental service.

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