Expanded Hours!

The addition of Dr. Lillian Sandberg to the professional staff at CCAH has allowed us to expand our hours of operation. On Fridays, we will now be open for all services including appointments until 6:30pm. We will open at 7:30am for admitting surgeries and procedures and appointments will start at 8:00am, as usual.

The addition of a third doctor on Saturdays will also increase the number of available appointments on that day. Expanding our Saturday staffing will increase convenience of having your pet seen for both routine and sick visits.

The restructuring of our hours will also allow us the ability to improve our staffing to add more continuity to patient care. Our para-professional staff will now be scheduled for 12 hour shifts to mimic the staffing paradigm in human hospitals. This allows the same veterinary staff to follow your pet throughout the day after being admitted to the hospital in the morning for surgeries and other procedures.

We hope that these business-hour and staffing changes improve your and your pet’s overall experience at CCAH.

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Great staff who are always pleasant. Our dogs enjoy their stay when boarding at the clinic.
Ron Tremayne